Adams J. | China gates (1977)
Adès T. | Mazurkas for piano, Op.27 (2008)
Albeniz I. | Lavapies from Iberia Suite
Bach J.S. |
French Suite No.1 in D-Minor, BWV 812
English suite No.2 in A-Minor, BWV 807
Partita No.2 in C-Minor, BWV 826
From Das Wohltemperierte Klavier:
  Book I: No. 2 in C-Minor, No.5 in D-Major
  Book II: No.2 in C-Minor, No.7 in E-flat Major, No. 22 in B-flat Minor
Barber S. | Excursions for Piano, Op.20 (selection) (1945)
Bartok B. |
 3 Studies, Op.18
Beethoven L. | 
Piano Sonatas:
  No.1 in F-Minor, Op.2 No.1
  No. 8 in C-Minor, Op.13 "Patetique"
  No. 18 in E-flat Major, Op.31, No.3
  No. 21 in C-Major, Op.53 "Waldstein"
  No. 27 in E-Minor, Op.90
  No. 32 in C-Minor, Op.111
Bagatelles Op.126
Bernal A. | Portraits: Claude Debussy for piano & video projection (2016)
Boulez P. | Incises (1994)
Bolcom W. | 3 Ghost Rags (1970)
Brahms J. |  Sonata No.2 in F- sharp Minor, Op.2
Cage J. |  
Dream (1948)
Prelude for Meditation (1944)
Suite for Toy Piano (1948)
Sonatas & Interludes (1946-48)
Chopin F. | 
Sonata No.2 in B-minor, Op.35
3 Waltzes Op.64
3 Mazurkas Op.56
Nocturne in G-Minor, Op.37 No.1
Nocturne in F-sharp Major, Op.15 No.2
Ballade No.1 in G-Minor, Op.23
Polonaise-Fantasy in A-flat Major, Op.61
  from Op.10: No.3, No.4, No.12
  from Op.25: No.1, No.5, No.9, No.11, No.12
Scherzo No.3 in C-sharp Minor, Op.39
Polonaise "Heroic" in A-flat Major, Op.53
Copland A. | Four Piano Blues
Corea C. |  Children's songs (selection) (1984)
Debussy C. |

  Premier Livre: No.10 La cathedrale engloutie
  Deuxieme Livre:
    No.4 Les fees sont d'exquises danseuses
    No.11 Les tierces alternees
    No.12 Feux d'artifice
Etude No.7 Pour les degres chromatiques Masques

Dobrzyński M. | Gestures for Piano and amplification (2013)
Gershwin G./Wild E. |
I got rhythm
Embraceable You
The man I love

Glass P. | Glassworks (selection)
Gulda F. | 
Prelude & Fugue
Ikebe S. | Sway Green Treetops (2012)
Jacob TV | Body of your dreams for piano & tape (2002)
Jodlowski P. | 
Série blanche for Piano and stereo soundtrack (2007
Série noire for Piano and stereo soundtrack (2005)
Série rose for Piano and stereo soundtrack (2012)
Série bleue for Piano and stereo soundtrack (2013)
Kornowicz J. | Coma Berenices (1990)
Lachenmann H. | Guero (1969)
Liszt F. | 
Transcendental study No.8 in C-Minor Wilde Jagd
Grand Etudes de Paganini: No.2 in E-flat Major
Mefisto Waltz Nr 1, S.514
Liszt F./Wagner R. | Isolde's Liebestod
Lutoslawski W. | Bucolics (1952)
Mendelssohn F. | 
from Songs without words (Book III):
  No.5 in A-Minor, Op.38
  No.6 in A-flat Major, Op.38
Mozart W.A. |
Piano sonatas:
  No.6 in D-Major, KV 284
  No.14 in C-minor, KV 457
  No.17 in B-flat Major, KV 570
Paderewski I.J. | 
Legenda in A-Major, Op.16 No.1
Cracovienne-fantastique, Op.14 No.6
Poulenc F. | Improvisations pour piano: Nr 7, Nr 12 Hommage a Schubert, Nr 15 Hommage a Edith Piaf
Prokofiev S. | Sonata No.4 in C-Minor, Op.29

Rachmaninow S. | 
  No.5 in G-minor, Op.23
  No.7 in C-Minor, Op.23
Etudes Tableaux:
  No.1 in F-Minor, Op.33
  No.9 in D-Major, Op.39
Morceaux de fantaisie:
  No.1 Op.3 Elegy in E-flat Minor
  No.4 Op.3 Polichinelle
Ravel M. |
Le Tombeau de Couperin
Gaspard de la Nuit

Satie E. | 
3 Gymnopédies

Scarlatti D. | Sonatas (selection)
Schubert F. | Impromptus Op.90, D.899
Schumann R. | 
Toccata in C-Major, Op.7
Symphonic Etudes, Op.13
Serocki K. | 
A piacere
Sonata for piano (1955)
Suite of Preludes
The Gnomes: Children's Miniatures
Sikorski T. | 
Zerstreutes Hinausschauen (1971)
Rondo (1984)
Autograf (1980)
Stravinsky I. |  Piano Rag Music
Szymanowski K. | 
Variations in B-flat Minor, Op.3
Mazurkas Op.50:
  No.6 in A-Minor
  No.11 in B-flat Major
Tanaka K. | Techno Etiudy (2000)
Trescoli V. | Sol for Toy Piano & electronics (2013)
Whittall M. | Paysages abstraits (2012)
Ye Xiaogang | Namucuo Op.53 (2005)