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29.04.2020 Online recital “Virtual Spring Festival” #stayhome

MCK, Bydgoszcz    Online transmission

29.04.2020   8.00PM (local polish time)    


Online recital Piano & Electronics as a part of "Virtual Spring Festival" organized by MCK in Bydgoszczry. Because of COVID-19 the entire festival has been moved to the web. You can listen to the concert HERE


Philip Glass - Opening from Glassworks (1982)
Helmut Lachenmann - Guero (1969)
Jacob ter Veldhuis - The body of your dreams (2002) for piano and boombox (soundtracks)

Víctor TrescolíSanz- Sol (2013) for Toypiano and electronics
Jerzy Kornowicz - Coma Berenices (1994)
Pierre Jodlowski - Série Blanche (2007) for piano and stereo soundtrack

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